Docman RMS

Give your patients a great referral experience.

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The referral process is complex. Docman RMS keeps it simple.

Our intuitive software will improve the way referrals are managed, tracked and audited within your trust.

Referrals are electronically captured, filed, processed, viewed and analysed using a flexible and highly configurable workflow platform. Docman RMS can be tailored to suit the demands of individual specialities and yet retain a one click philosophy that works for clinicians and administrators.

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  • Saving time in dealing with enquiries

  • Supporting referral to treatment targets

  • Improved patient and GP experience

  • Save hours of administrator time

    Improve staff efficiency in dealing with enquiries.

  • Improve the tracking of each referral

    Each referral is visible to staff at any point in the process and all interactions are fully audited.

  • Improve referral to booking times

    A streamlined process for managing all referrals, reducing hand-offs and allowing resources to be allocated to meet demand.

  • Maintain reputation

    A reduction in patient complaints and PALS enquiries relating to referrals.

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