You’ve heard of our National Docman Conferences, but you’re still unsure whether to attend? Here’s 5 key reasons why you can’t afford not to.

5 Reasons to Attend NDC Infographic


Presentations from our customers

Don’t just take our word for what Docman can do for you, hear first-hand accounts of our customers Docman journeys. This will provide you with the confidence you need to kick-start your journey with us.


Over 600 attendees last year

This will provide you with lots of opportunities to meet other healthcare professionals and share your stories. Whether you’re a customer or not, there’s always knowledge to be shared and something to be learned!


Live Demonstrations

See Docman 10, Docman Share and Docman Hub in action. This gives you a valuable insight into the functionalities of our software and allows you to visualise the benefits that you could be enjoying.


Interactive Workshops

If you’ve got questions, uncertainties or just want to find out that little bit more, these workshops are the perfect place for you. Getting answers on-the-spot provides you with the much-needed information to put your mind at ease that Docman is the solution for you.


Networking Opportunities

With busy schedules and little time to spare, it’s nice to take a step back and have time to interact with other healthcare professionals. NDC 2018 is just the place for that! Whether it’s to find out plans in other areas, or just for an informal chat, there’s certain to be some exciting conversations to be had.


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