Adur Medical Group improve processes with Docman

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Adur Medical Group, Shoreham By Sea use Docman to streamline practice processes and create efficiencies.

Wendy Lewis, Deputy Practice Manager discusses her extensive use of Docman’s non-clinical document module, BackOffice. BackOffice Library provides a secure way to manage, store and retrieve practice documents, further helping practices to become paperless.

GP“We use Docman with our clinical system, EMIS Web. It’s great to have two systems that work so well together to create efficiencies in the practice.”

“Everyone in our practice benefits from different areas of Docman. The receptionists really benefit from the Address Book and Library, as well as the scanning into Docman. We save a lot of time with Intellisense which helps them with Coding, and the Practice Manager and I use the BackOffice greatly. Docman is a great resource for the whole practice.”

“I use the Library in Docman extensively. I store everything the practice needs, such as Drug Alerts, LES information, DES information, Pathways, Leaflets, even web addresses! I use the tags so that I can easily access the information that I need and this saves me a considerable amount of time.”

“I think that being able to store web addresses is fabulous! I regularly save links to drug safety updates and I store these in the Library so that I can access them quickly and easily.”

The practice benefits from the Address Book in BackOffice; “we use the Address Book a lot in our practice, I make sure that all the Cancer Services and Hospital phone numbers are stored so that we can easily find them when we need them. We think it’s fantastic and just another part of Docman that save us time in our practice.”

Wendy continues “we’re looking forward to beginning to use the Apps in BackOffice. We soon plan to start using the Birth and Death Registers and we plan to use the Asset Register. I can also see the benefits of using BackOffice to help with CQC, so this is something that we will look into.”

The practice utilise Intellisense to create efficiencies with filing and Coding. The Clinical Content Recognition software detects the most commonly used Read Codes and presents them to the user to ensure a consistent approach.

“The practice receives electronic documents from Worthing Southlands Hospital and St Richards Hospitals. We receive letters such as Discharge Summaries, Consultant Letters, A&E reports and any other clinical documentation sent by the hospital. Thanks to Intellisense, we can process these documents in just one or two mouse clicks; it saves time and is so much easier.”

Wendy concludes, “the biggest benefit of Docman is the electronic storing of documents. The practice is keen to have no paper at all and Docman really helps with this. Having used Docman in the practice for so long, we don’t know how any practice copes without it!”