PCTI, the supplier of Docman, announce the EDT (electronic document transfer) software to its GP practices free of charge.

The software normally sells for £750 per GP practice and represents an overall saving to the NHS of more than £3million. This offer could not come at a better time with the Government setting out their £6billion of public spending cuts.

The Docman EDT solution addresses some very topical electronic communication issues within Healthcare by enabling Trust’s to send messages securely to GP Practices. A number of PCTI’s customers are already benefiting from Docman EDT to meet the 24 hour discharge summary targets.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, PCTI “everyone recognises that whilst cost reduction within the NHS is necessary, it will be extremely challenging. I think it is time for suppliers to come up with new and innovate ways to help the NHS achieve its cost reduction goals, working together on win-win outcomes. By providing over £3m of our software licences for free, we will be enabling Primary and Secondary care to communicate electronically in a fast and reliable yet low cost way. Customers who have adopted our technology have achieved significant savings from not having to send physical paper as a means to communicate.”

Practices already using the solution see it as a real winner, Geoff Dennis, Practice Manager, Falmouth Health Centre “we receive various documents through EDT, such as discharge summaries, ECG’s, clinical letters and clinical reports. We can also receive out of hours reports, which is great if a patient speaks to an out-of-hours service, the typed notes can then be received via EDT and delivered straight into Docman instantly. We hope we can receive more electronic documents using EDT, and we are actively encouraging organisations to send documents electronically. Not only is this easier for us but the hospital must benefit greatly on printing, letter-headed paper and postage costs.”

The solution conforms to the recent CfHs Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) standards, Philip Young, Director, PCTI, “we are delighted that we have successfully demonstrated comprehensive discharge solutions with three different consortiums meeting ITK standards. The Toolkit removes the headaches normally associated with secondary to primary care electronic communication, particularly where multiple systems are involved. Trusts will be able to deploy compliant ITK Discharge Summary systems and have a working solution very quickly indeed.”

PCTI will be making its Docman EDT software licence available to all of its customers currently on standard support, anyone requiring further information should get in touch with their local account manager via email on sales@pcti.co.uk or telephone 01977 664496.

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