At the recent National Docman Conferences, HERE a Primary Care not-for-profit social enterprise announced its workflow optimisation programme with Docman is saving GPs up to 40 minutes per day.

Workflow optimisation is an innovative approach to how GP practices manage and process incoming clinical correspondence. GPs make significant time savings back by reducing their workload by up to 80% through workflow optimisation.

“We looked at automating processes by spending time with administrators and GPs to truly understand how administration flows through a Practice. We have co-designed an approach so administrators can filter correspondence to reduce the correspondence GPs have to process, and in result this equates to 40 minutes per day.”

“We did this by understanding the movement of a document in a Practice and utilising the data about documents and dashboards to make changes. Docman has underpinned the process by enabling us to configure and optimise the system to automate processes and save clinicians time.”

Paul Deffley, Clinical Lead Primary Care Collaboration, HERE

At the Conferences Docman launched Docman 10 to 700 delegates, an innovative platform that has been built to support the future direction of the NHS, provide access from a web browser on any tablet or PC, enabling federated working across primary care organisations and working collaboratively across healthcare teams. View the full presentation here.

Paul continued “We’re really looking forward to Docman 10 which clearly has the potential to be the go to platform to change the face of how practices work together.”

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman “The Docman project with HERE is one of many innovative use cases where Docman is supporting healthcare providers save time by maximising the use of the Docman platform. The Docman network and cloud based platform will deliver more automation and drive even greater efficiencies giving doctors more time to be doctors.”





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