Docman announced its revolutionary cloud strategy to 700 healthcare professionals at the National Docman Conferences 2016.


In line with the NHS 5 Year Forward View the Docman strategy provides solutions to address some of the challenges facing the NHS. The key driver of the Docman Roadmap is focused on providing practical solutions to support a paperless NHS, interoperability and access to documents and data with greater flexibility to support new models of care.

The company unveiled Docman 10, a next generation clinical content management and workflow platform to provide complete access to documents and data from anywhere, anytime.

Tim Robinson, Product Director, Docman “We have spent hundreds of hours observing user behaviour to study every part of the transfer of care process and we are focusing on improving and enhancing every stage with our new technology. Everyone at Docman is part of the design team and we have a continuous feedback loop with our Docman Advisory Group to ensure Docman 10 meets the needs of the market. It is vital our solutions work the way healthcare providers expect rather than providers adapting to fit to the solution.”

The solution enables clinicians and healthcare professionals access to Docman 10 from a web browser on a tablet or PC, anywhere at anytime, providing greater flexibility and to support new ways of working. The platform provides the technology to deliver federated working and new models of care, including across organisations task and workflow management.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman “The Five Year Forward View and the GP Forward View present a Roadmap for the NHS addressing the current and future challenges. By moving to a new cloud based platform, Docman will support the growing move to GP federations and the cross Health and Social Care sharing of data and information.”

“Our customers are the driving force behind our developments and the knowledge we gain from our 200,000 users is invaluable. Docman 10 is our platform for the future delivering lots of new functionality, but this is just the start we have really exciting plans for expanding our platform out into many new areas.”

Transfer of Care

During the Conferences, the company provided an update on their Docman Hub solution used by 123 secondary care providers and detailed its plans in supporting the Transfer of Care initiative and the direction of travel towards Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA) frameworks.

The Transfer of Care initiative mandates the transfer of key information between primary and secondary care in a standard digital format. Stage one is where all summaries need to conform to the AoMRC headings followed by CDA structured data. The Docman Hub will enable all of its users to deliver on these initiatives.

Sharing Records

A key focus of the Conferences focused on how providers need to ensure healthcare professionals have access to the information they need, when they need it. Docman Vault is a solution that provides a view of the latest clinical document or structured message compete with actions, comments and annotations.

Fran Kirke, Commercial Director, Docman “The Five Year Forward View sets out how the NHS will increasingly need to dissolve traditional boundaries of care and move towards managed systems that enable better integrated care for patients. Docman has been integral in connecting healthcare across multiple systems and care settings for many years. Our new exciting products enable greater centralised access to information and documents from both within primary care and other care settings.”


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