The Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework, supported by the Five Year Forward View has tasked CCGs with a number of changes that are needed to help improve health care and grow patient trust within the NHS.

At the forefront of these challenges is the Transfer of Care initiative which looks to address the safe and effective transfer of care for patients when they move between healthcare settings.

Docman are fully committed to supporting the NHS with Transfer of Care initiative and the emerging standards associated with the Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA) frameworks. Docman are working closely with the NHS Digital to fully ensure their Docman GP and Docman Hub products are compliant and future proof for the transfer of structured messages between Primary and Secondary care organisations going forward. Our solutions fully comply with the current standards for sending structured messages and the standards for the Clinical Structure and Content of Patient Records.

Docman has been at the forefront of digitising the transfer of care process for many years, managing the transfer process through its structured message delivery platform Docman Hub.

Docman GP is used in over 5,000 practices to receive these messages. This information is workflowed around the practice within Docman GP until the transfer of care process is complete. Over 120 Trusts and private providers are currently using Docman to send and receive over 30 million discharge summaries and other clinical correspondence every year.

It is key that our customers will need to make minimal changes to be up-to-date with these standards. The Transfer of Care initiative mandates making the transfer of key information between Primary and Secondary Care standardised and simple:

All summaries will need to be written in a standardised CDA format. Trusts will have to send all discharge summaries nationally using CDA by March 2018. These changes mean that patient information can be sent and consumed electronically using common record standard headings that are professionally endorsed and will be fundamental to achieving the NHS Paperless 2020 target.

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