Docman Workflow Optimisation

An innovative approach to how GP practices manage and process incoming clinical correspondence

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Docman 10GPs make significant time savings back by reducing their workload by up to 80% through workflow optimisation.

The Docman Workflow Optimisation service helps people and their clinicians make informed decisions about their health, helping people to move onto the next step in their health care journey safely and efficiently.

In essence the service supports practices to manage correspondence and record keeping in a more efficient way.

It means that important information about a patient’s care is more effectively managed, and that GPs spend less time looking at letters and more time with their patients.


“We looked at automating processes by spending time with administrators and GPs to truly understand how administration flows through a Practice. We have co-designed an approach so administrators can filter correspondence to reduce the correspondence GPs have to process, and in result this equates to 40 minutes per day.”


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