2015 for Docman has been a fantastic year. We’ve seen some impressive results on how our software has delivered for secondary care providers, supported CCGs on their digital road maps, continued to ensure efficiencies in primary care and helped the NHS work towards new initiatives in innovative ways.

More and more organisations are utilising Docman Hub to meet the discharge summary target and there has been a real drive from provider organisations such as Private Providers, Opticians, specialist services and health check providers to send structured information electronically. We are really pleased Docman Hub is being used by over 120 Providers to send millions of letters electronically each month.

We’ve seen new product launches, held our National Docman Conference across 3 venues for the first time and continued our commitment to charity work in the local community.

To read some of our Docman Success Stories see our latest case studies here.

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Our electronic document management and workflow solution for secondary care providers was featured in a series of webinars focusing on Referral to Treatment Targets and how Docman can support in meeting these targets and avoiding costly, unnecessary fines.

A new series of webinars for Secondary Care were also launched, covering Docman Hub, Two-way document transfer, Sending letters between organisations Docman Hub’s and Community Collaborator. We have a new series now available here.

In February it was reported that over the previous 12 months, 20 million letters had been sent through Docman Hubs.

paper 2The Borchardt Medical Centre in Manchester told us in March about how they use Docman to save them time and manage their practice processes more efficiently. Looking after over 11,000 patients, Docman was reported to save GPs around 1 hour per day, time they would have originally spent on paperwork. The practice is now highly efficient with cost as well as time savings from more seamless processes with their document management.

April saw The Royal Wolverhampton Trust successfully pilot Docman RMS into their Head and Neck department, with a view to expand into an additional 4 specialities. In the same trust, Docman Hub also went live in sending their discharge summaries to identified GP surgeries, proving to be a significant cost saving for the organisation.

Progress was also made in Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust with their electronic document transfer project, as over 500 Docman users use sending letters to GPs in their area.

The summer period of 2015 saw the launch of our 3 National Docman Conferences across May and June. Over 600 customers attended our conferences, which each proved to be a huge success with some excellent feedback from attendees.

“I have learnt so much more than I expected to. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.”

“I loved the Genius Bar.”

“The day was very well organised and it was interesting to hear about new developments.”


The Conferences also provided us with the opportunity to record some videos from our customers to tell us why they love using Docman every day. You can watch these videos here.

Our National Docman Conferences for 2016 are now available to register to. You can find more information on this link here.

National Docman Conferences 2016

In June we published a case study covering the Greater Manchester Electronic Clinical Correspondence Project which covers 14 NHS providers and over 500 GP practices. This project began with 10 Docman Hubs across 10 Trusts delivering 5 million patient letters each year. After realising the efficiencies driven from using the Hubs, the project grew to using 14 Docman Hubs.
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In July, some of the Docman Team ran the Leeds 10k with some fantastic results, continuing our commitment to regular charity work.

A new case study was also launched from The Red and Green Practice, where Dr Iain Redmill explains how they save time and cut out paper with Docman GP.

Docman Vault was launched in August, a new product which connects healthcare providers by providing the ability to access documents and information, working as a central document store.

A case study from NHS Scotland was also launched this month, demonstrating the huge savings of around £12m annually by using Docman’s electronic document transfer solution. Docman has been deployed nationwide in Scotland, improving patient safety, cutting costs and allowing seamless communication by enabling better and faster care for patients throughout the country.

In September, Spire Healthcare chose Docman Hub to facilitate the electronic sending of discharge summaries to GP practices. This project has been set out to meet NHS requirements for electronic discharge summaries for NHS patients, reducing administration, printing and postage costs whilst also improving Information Governance and the patient experience.

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust announced they have sent over 300,000 letters electronically through  their Docman Hub. This project was part of the CQUIN target to remove the use of post and NHSMail to send documents. The Trust now sends a variety of letters from 41 specialities.

Plane Trees Group Practice, a GP surgery of over 8,900 patients, told us how they use Docman GP to spend more time with patients by managing their documents electronically and more efficiently. The practice use Docman to manage clinical and non-clinical documents, proving to be ‘brilliant for storing policies, protocols and procedures’, as stated by Tracy Dell, Practice Manager.

25In October, our Deployment Team continued their hard work by commencing working with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and their Docman Hub. This Hub is to send discharge letters to 550 GP practices across Birmingham.

Exciting news also followed with new Docman RMS projects for West Hertfordshire NHS Foundation Trust and Enfield CCG. The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust also continued their roll out this month by connecting more speciality departments to their Hub, set to be complete to 22 specialities in early 2016.

As seen on TV in November, Balham Park Surgery who featured on Channel 5’s ‘GPs: Behind Closed Doors’ released a case study on how they use Docman to manage the documents of over 18,000 patients. Using Docman has helped the practice towards their aim of providing high quality clinical services to their patients.

The Greater Manchester Electronic Clinical Correspondence project made great progress this month, as Salford Royal and Royal Bolton hospitals connected their Docman Hubs and went live with two way document transfer. As two of the largest Trusts in Greater Manchester, the number of documents sent through the Hub will increase dramatically as more practices can now connect and communicate.

In December, we were pleased to announce to be working with the HSCIC in line with the emerging standards as part of the Transfer of Care initiative. This initiative aims to enable consistent electronic exchange of information between different care professionals and organisations which we are fully engaged with and are behind the formulation of the standards.

A donation was made this month to the Prince of Wales Hospice as part of our charitable commitment. We are looking forward to working together with the Hospice in the near future to raise more funds for a fantastic cause.


A new webinar series, ‘Docman and the paperless NHS’ was also launched this in December. These webinars to be held in January 2016 will provide an overview of the efficiencies and benefits Docman Hub, Two-way document transfer, Relaying and Docman RMS can all bring to an organisation.

Quality Medical Solutions (QMS) chose to introduce Docman Hub to send their NHS Health Check documentation to GP practices in Merton. This Hub will provide the faster delivery of important information covering conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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