Docman Vault is a newly developed solution to support greater interoperability and the sharing of documents between healthcare settings.

In line with the NHS 5 Year Forward View, Docman Vault supports record sharing by providing access to the latest version of documents, providing a complete view of that record. This will allow records to be shared with patients, third parties and other healthcare providers.

This new solution for secure access removes barriers and facilitates new possibilities and new ways of working.  This is applicable but not restricted to GP federations, out-of-hours services, secondary care settings and sharing records across a CCG or group of CCGs. In addition, Docman Vault has the ability to plug into various consumer application portals such as the Integrated Care Record that many CCG’s are now embarking on.

“Docman Vault supports top quality care by offering clinicians in federated GP groups access to all the latest patient related correspondence. It is imperative clinicians can view GP comments, actions and annotations on documents which Docman Vault can now provide. Thus, with access to the clinical record and patient documents, integrated and accurate care can be delivered at several localities,
both in and out of hours.”

Dr Tony Kaye, Clinical Safety Officer at Docman

The Docman Vault concept is based around an NHS patient centric document cloud store, hosted on a secure N3 environment with strict security and access controls. Consumed through an open API, Docman Vault provides a platform for sharing patient documents, Docman Hub letters and non-patient documents.

vault diagram2


To speak to us about Docman Vault, call 01977 66 44 96 or send an email to

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