Electronic Document Management provider Docman has announced The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is ready to go live with Docman to electronically workflow, manage and track all referrals.

Managing referrals electronically in an easy to use system will eliminate unnecessary administrative resources by using Docman’s electronic workflows to enhance efficiency and security.

The project will ensure our “vetting” process for referrals is improved, and unnecessary delays are avoided which will in turn reduces the referral booking time. This will ultimately improve the patient experience as the time from receipt of referral to booking of the first appointment will be reduced.

Internal stakeholders’ experience of the referrals system will improve by streamlining processes and procedures within the vetting cycle that will reduce the number of handoffs and duplication of effort.

The Electronic capture of referrals and electronic distribution will reduce the number of “missing” referrals and requests for “resends”. It will also give a more standardised referral management approach.

Jayne Harper, Patient Access Manager, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Mohammed Ajaz, ICT Project Manager, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust “The main objective of the project is to ensure our processes are effective and efficient. This will mean patients get their appointments as quickly as possible and that Consultants will be able to read and process their referral letters in an organised and timely fashion.”

“Our current process for managing referrals does not work for us, which made us have to create numerous workarounds. Our Consultants are unhappy with the speed of this current process and the system inefficiencies. Docman RMS provides the platform for a slicker, intuitive system to solve our problems and improve our process.”

“The benefits of a streamlined system are compelling; staff will have greater job satisfaction, Consultants will have quick access to their referral letters and be able to read and indicate the type of appointment or test that needs to be booked. In result, patients will get an appointment quickly with the right consultant in the right clinic.”

The Trust will also utilise Docman Hub to send and receive clinical correspondence electronically to provide a joined-up electronic process between care providers. The Docman Hub solution is used by over 100 Trusts to save time and money through the electronic transfer of documentation.

The project is currently through the pilot process with the aim to go live this month. The solution was piloted in Ophthalmology, ENT and Respiratory and a small number of GP surgeries.

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