The integration of Docman Hub with the InHealth patient administration system is the first of its kind in the UK.

InHealth is the UK’s largest independent provider of managed diagnostic services to the NHS and to independent private sector customers. A privately owned company with over 25 years’ proven experience in developing strong relationships with the public sector and delivering market leading clinical solutions, InHealth now have over 350 sites across the UK from which they deliver a variety of diagnostic services.

Alyson Hicks, Practice Manager, White Lodge Medical Practice, NHS Enfield CCG “Working with InHealth and Docman without fail all letters/reports are work-flowed to clinicians – we never have a backlog.  Reporting accuracy has increased as reports details are read by the system which allows auto selection. We have made significant time savings as we no longer have to open, stamp and scan reports received or make so many calls to chase lost reports. This has undoubtedly transformed the way we work and ensures that we can give the best possible service to our patients.”

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