At our recent National Docman Conference 2017 we caught up with Marc O’Brien, Chief Information Officer for InHealth, and asked him a few questions.

InHealth is the UK’s largest independent provider of managed diagnostic services and healthcare solutions to the NHS and independent private sector customers. Their diagnostic services range from GP direct access diagnostics through to diagnostics with an acute or full pathway management for MSK physiotherapy and audiology.

What was InHealth’s driver behind deploying Docman Hub?

At InHealth, we have seen tremendous growth over recent years. In parallel with this, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer our patients and customers. So, we needed an efficient solution which would allow us to increase reporting speeds, whilst volumes were increasing. Deploying Docman Hub has allowed us to meet all of these requirements.

How did implementing Docman Hub change InHealth’s service?

Since implementing Docman Hub, InHealth’s services have undoubtedly become much more efficient. Faster reporting to referrers has resulted in better service for patients, faster diagnosis and ultimately faster treatment – overall a much better experience for customers and patients.  Some of our larger customers have said that Docman Hub saves them up to 8 hours per day.

What was life like for InHealth before Docman?

Before Docman Hub, we employed a lengthy, manual process. Reports were sent by post, through NHS Mail, which was an extremely time consuming process. Using Docman Hub now allows us to send reports back to referrers much faster and with increased accuracy.

What’s next for InHealth’s Docman Hub project?

We are excited about the next phase of this project.  We are now moving from an on-premise Docman Hub, which currently supports 4 CCGs and a number of GP practices, through to the cloud-based Docman Hub, which supports all of the GP practices across the country.  Whilst offering the same advantages of speed and accuracy as the existing on-premise system, the cloud-based managed Docman Hub will also give us access to every GP and CCG in the UK and also confirm accurate delivery of reports.

What would InHealth say to someone who isn’t using Docman?

It’s a great product, which has increased efficiency for us and allowed us to dramatically improve the service we offer to our customers. Delivery of reports to physicians in a timely manner is critical to the health of our patients, and Docman ensures that this is done accurately and consistently.  I would certainly recommend it!

Watch the video below:

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