3 reasons why you should choose Docman 10

Docman 10 is a platform set to revolutionise the transfer of care between and within healthcare organisations. Over 800 GP Practices are already set for Docman 10 and here’s 3 reasons why Docman 10 is right for you.

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Docman update on cyber-attack

The NHS has been hit by a major ransomware attack, shutting down multiple primary and secondary IT systems. We have reviewed the Docman hosted infrastructure containing Docman 10, Managed Hub and Vault and can confirm these services are unaffected. We are aware that some of our customers have local IT infrastructure which has been affected. […]

National Docman Conferences 2017 Agenda Announced

Docman is pleased to announce the agenda for the upcoming National Docman Conferences 2017. At the events we will be launching Docman 10, a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation. We have some exciting updates on our Docman Hub and Docman Vault solutions. Our Training and Deployment […]