How Collaborator works

An audited discussion platform leveraging the power of Docman.


  • A fully audited discussion platform to discuss practice matters whenever you want to.
  • Attach supporting information and documents by dragging and dropping documents you are discussing into your conversations.
  • Find what you’re looking for quickly by searching through tagged discussions.
  • Set priority levels to make sure the highly important topics are dealt with first.
  • Get the right people involved by choosing who you want to collaborate with.


Product Benefits

  • Better decision making

    Put your heads together to make initial ideas into brilliant ones.

  • Manage practice matters

    The fully audited platform lets you keep track of who’s said what.

  • Simple way to review policies

    Add documents to conversations and get the opinions of your colleagues.

  • Find documents faster

    Tagging documents into categories helps you find them quicker when searching.

Technical Details

Docman Collaborator is available to any healthcare organisation.

To arrange a training day contact the Sales Team on 01977 66 44 96 or by email to