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Help, support and training from Docman



Help, support and training from Docman

“Having a days refresher from Docman was incredibly useful. It’s amazing how many new staff we have who weren’t here when we had the proper training. It’s amazing how things have come on and we found bits we weren’t using that we are now, tips on how to use it better and the expert from Docman gave us a few pointers and tweaks to our workflow that have speeded things up. Well recommended.”

Dr Neil Paul, Sandbach GPs, Cheshire

Docman is here to help

Whether it’s training new staff, Docman refresher training or learning a new part of Docman to help your organisation, Docman is here to help.

We provide high quality training to support you and your staff maximise your use of Docman.

Flexible to you


  • Aimed at healthcare professionals
  • Led by experienced market experts
  • Bespoke services offered
  • Enhancing the use of the software
  • Single practice or region-wide options available


  • Helps users to get the most out of their Docman software, learn top tips and achieve efficiencies
  • Brings consistency and best practice
  • Learn from experts
  • Enhancing the benefit opportunities
  • Achieve ‘best practice’