How Docman BackOffice works

A comprehensive intranet to support you with practice management and CQC.


  • Practice management software to manage all non-clinical documents.
  • Set privacy settings for each user to ensure confidential information is kept private and practice documents are available to all.
  • BackOffice Library will keep your practice documents all in one place electronically.
  • BackOffice Apps provides platforms to log different data sets consistently.
  • Workflow documents from BackOffice to keep users aware of practice procedures and track if they have been read.
  • Use as a practice intranet to publish popular web links to all practice staff.

Product Benefits

  • Find documents instantly

    Tagging and categorising documents lets them be found quickly and easily.

  • All documents are electronic

    Electronic documents means no piles of paper and high levels of organisation.

  • Supports your CQC requirements

    Collect and store information to support you with the CQC standards.

  • Improve internal communications

    View audit trails, add comments and workflow documents to keep everyone in the loop.

Technical Details

  • BackOffice is available to all Docman practices. You can access a range of training guides and videos to help you get started.
  • Alternatively you can arrange a tailored Training Day by contacting our Sales Team to help you get started with a thorough introduction into using BackOffice.
  • Import your documents from a shared folder easily.