How Docman RMS CCG works


  • An intelligent document capture collects letters through fax, email, Docman Hub, or a combination and are quickly filed electronically, automatically and instantaneously into Docman RMS.
  • Intuitive one click workflow provides a fast and efficient way to move referrals around in an audited way. Users can quickly triage a referral, comment and action as appropriate using an intuitive interface.
  • Track letters easily to review a letter and view where the referral is in the business process. This provides huge time savings for professionals and ensures a secure and safe process for complete CCG referral management.
  • Reducing costs by supporting delivery of appropriate referral distribution that ultimately reduces costs. Management can report on the referrals, the time it takes to process them and the organisations they are sent to. Docman RMS underpins the service by providing a streamlined electronic process and freedom of information at the organisation’s fingertips.
  • Service Management is increased by supporting management to understand referral habits by practices and creates a view of where patients are being sent. This provides information to support effective management of services.

Product Benefits

  • Reduce costs for your organisation

    Save money through efficient management of referrals.

  • Save your organisation time

    Streamline processes to work faster.

  • Useful reporting feature

    Analyse and report on your referral management.

  • Enhance patient experience

    Be able to keep patients informed of their referrals.

Technical Details

Docman are dedicated to providing first-class deployment, market-leading training, support and consultancy services. This will enable a smooth transition to start creating efficiency savings.

Our team is highly trained and motivated, ensuring your organisation will benefit from Docman and instantly create efficiencies.

We have supported over 120 secondary care organisations on their paperless strategy and have delivered real benefits and cost savings.