How Docman EDM works

Quickly and easily capture, workflow and process letters.


  • Quickly capture documents
    Docman EDM reads patient and filing information for quick and easy document filing, reducing manual administration times spent searching, capturing and workflowing documents. Documents can be easily scanned in individually or in batches.
  • Governance of paper
    Standardises the governance of the movement of paper in and around an organisation in a secure and audited way.
  • Intuitive workflow
    Docman is built on a one-click philosophy to be intuitive and easy to use, which is why today over 200,000 users are satisfied with Docman as a solution for managing documents. Improved and consistent timescales for appointment booking supports organisations towards their targets.
  • Clear views of documents
    Have instant access to the information you need when you need it.

Product Benefits

  • Keep track of your documents

    Know exactly where a document is, when it was received and when the workflow was completed.

  • Let Docman work with you

    Docman EDM and workflow can be customised to the way you and your clinicians work.

  • Avoid costly fines for your organisation

    Docman EDM helps Trusts to meet treatment time targets

  • Easy data reporting and management

    Report on types of letters, completed workflows and more on a clear dashboard.

Technical Details

Docman are dedicated to providing first-class deployment, market-leading training, support and consultancy services. This will enable a smooth transition to start creating efficiency savings.

Our team is highly trained and motivated, ensuring your organisation will benefit from Docman and instantly create efficiencies.

We have supported over 120 secondary care organisations on their paperless strategy and have delivered real benefits and cost savings.