Send documents to even more practices electronically.

Trusts can now send even more letters to GP practices.

Relaying allows customers who use Docman Hub to connect to another organisations Hub to send documents to more GP Practices.

The Greater Manchester Electronic Clinical Correspondence project has reported significant efficiencies and clinical benefits by relaying documents through Docman Hub. The project is set across 14 NHS providers, reaching over 500 GP practices and delivers over 5 million patient letters per annum.

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  • Reach practices outside of your area

  • Send even more letters electronically

  • Increase time and cost savings

  • Significant Return on Investment

    Greatly reduce printing, postage and staff costs.

  • Stay better connected

    Connect to even more practices in your area.

  • Avoid losing documentation

    Have complete auditability that every letter is delivered.

  • Another step to being Paperless

    Reduce further the amount of paper you send.

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