Two-way Document Transfer

Send and receive clinical correspondence electronically.

Timely delivery of information.

Docman Hub enables organisations to send and receive any document type such as referral letters, electronically.

The process of sending and receiving paper letters is time consuming and costly. Organisations using Docman Hub benefit from a full circle approach to sharing information and documents in near real time.

  • No printing, postage or paper letters

  • Information sent and received in near real-time

  • Significant time savings through efficiency

  • Efficient delivery of documents

    Receive letters much quicker than in the post.

  • Full audit trail

    Keep on track of all documents.

  • Saves staff time

    Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients.

  • Improved patient experience

    Keep patients informed on their service and provide organised care.

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Learn more about Two-way Document Transfer

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