How Docman Vault Works

Docman Vault supports greater interoperability and sharing of documents between healthcare settings.

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A complete shared record with access to documents.

  • Consumed through an open API, Docman Vault provides a platform for sharing patient documents, Docman Hub letters and non-patient documents.
  • Created for all Health and Social Care Organisations, the Vault will allow organisations access to documents within Docman GP, keeping all health professionals involved and patients informed.
  • Safe and secure connections in line with published NHS standards for approved and verified third parties.
  • Uploading documents to the Docman Vault will be a seamless background process with no disruptions.

Product Benefits

  • A complete view

    Information to provide a complete record.

  • Secure and controlled

    Secure N3 environment with strict security and access control.

  • Consumed through an open API

    Connecting providers, systems and professionals.

  • Supporting new care models

    Providing information to the right people when they need it.

Technical Details

It provides standard APIs for authenticated third party systems to access the documents held in Docman Vault to support data sharing and interoperability.