Docman Referral Workflow helps to revolutionise your workflow within and across your organisation.


Supporting referral to treatment targets

A central inbox provides real-time access and within minutes of a referral being received a clinician or group can triage the referral, make comments and annotations before workflowing to a colleague. The entire process is audited by user, date and time.

Saving costly processing and communication time

Referrals are electronically captured, filed, processed, viewed and analysed using a flexible and highly configurable workflow platform. An audit trail is produced allowing a document to be located at all times during its referral process.

Tailored to suit your demands

Docman RMS can be tailored to suit the demands of individual specialities and yet retain a one click philosophy that works for clinicians and administrators. Our intuitive software will improve the way referrals are audited, tracked and managed within your organisation in the best way possible for you.


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