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Simplify referral management within your CCG.

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Supporting CCG Triage Centres

Docman Referral Management System (RMS) provides CCGs with a complete electronic document management and workflow solution for managing all referral documentation from external and internal sources. The solution is used daily by over 200,000 professionals to save time and money when processing millions of letters.

The system enables organisations to process, workflow, track, report-on and manage all referral documentation electronically for complete CCG referral management. This ensures that any KPIs associated with process times can be monitored effectively.


  • Quickly capture incoming referrals

  • Information for management reporting

  • Seamless electronic workflow

  • Instant access to referrals

    Keep patient referrals at your fingertips for easy and instant access.

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    Supporting CCG Triage Centres

    A quick and easy to use electronic workflow and management system.

  • Importantly saving you time

    No longer chase after referrals, manage them yourself.

  • Benefit from a full audit trail

    Know exactly where each patient letter is in the triage process.

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