Greater Manchester extends their Electronic Clinical Document Exchange Platform

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Docman is pleased to announce the exciting growth of the Greater Manchester Electronic Clinical Correspondence project.

The Project has grown by a further 4 EDT Hubs to support the following providers:

  • Greater Manchester West Mental Health Trust
  • Pennine Care Mental Health Trust
  • Manchester Mental Health Trust
  • Bridgewater Community Health

The initial project consisted of 10 Docman Hubs across 10 NHS Trusts to deliver 5 million patient letters electronically per annum to 500 GP practices , driving significant efficiencies and clinical benefits across the region.

hub3The project delivers even greater interoperability across the region to provide a secure, timely means of delivering patient information to practices from provider organisations. The Docman Hub platform enables all patient clinical correspondence and supporting structured ‘meta data’ to be sent electronically to GP practices. The solution provided by PCTI is utilised by over 90 provider organisations across the UK, including Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and Community Care providers.

The initial project was the largest of its kind in England; a project which has continued to grow with the addition of over 130 new GP Practice Docman installations (across Tameside & Glossop, Oldham and Central Manchester).  This provides the region with an end-to-end solution and enables GP practices to manage and workflow their clinical correspondence seamlessly with minimal human intervention.

The estate of 14 Docman Hubs and over 500 Docman GP practices across the Greater Manchester health economy will achieve significant benefits including:

  • A reduction of correspondence delivery times, thus avoiding fines
  • Addressing clinical risk for a more secure, fully audited and more robust accessibility to patient data
  • A single user interface for GPs
  • Significant time and cost savings