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The referral process is complex. Docman RMS keeps it simple.

Docman are the first provider to achieve direct integration with e-RS. This direct integration enables the entire referral process to be digitised.

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Docman RMS is a workflow management system that will help a Trust manage referrals regardless of how they are received.

It is accessed entirely through a web browser, providing complete secure access to clinical documents and structured data from anywhere at any time through any device. This is extremely convenient for a clinician and provides access to information when and where it is needed.


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  • Saving costly processing and communication time

  • Supporting referral to treatment targets

  • Tailored to suit your demands

  • Save hours of administrator time

    A one click philosophy that works for clinicians and administrators.

  • Live status and audit trail

    Track all incoming documents, patient and non-patient related and have full auditability and governance.

  • Improve referral to booking times

    A central inbox providing real-time access to referrals.

  • No misplaced referrals

    Referrals are captured by Docman and a copy can be made into your EPR / PAS.

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