Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust utilise Docman for its 4,000 employees.

The Trust utilises Docman Hub to send letters electronically from 189 community teams to GP practices across Birmingham and Solihull.

The Trust now plans to utilise Docman Hub to receive letters electronically from GP practices. These will be received into Docman RMS installed at the Trust where they will be electronically managed and workflowed. The Trust provides mental health care and substance misuse services to people living in Birmingham and Solihull and has over 4,000 employees. It serves a population of over one million, spread over 172 square miles, and operates from over 50 sites, from community based mental health teams through to acute wards.


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“There is a drive for the NHS to become paper-light and this project was key to helping us with this. The main objective of the project was to transfer information to GP Practices in a safe, efficient, secure and timely way.”
Carl Beet, the Trust’s Head of Programme Management

Gary Turnbull, Programme Manager at the Trust, explains: “Our analysis shows us that letters sent electronically though the Hub are typically received by a practice 18 hours before the paper process.  This means we can deliver information to GPs quicker, which is a real positive. As well as this we estimate that a practice receiving a letter electronically with the attached meta-data can save up to two minutes per letter when using Docman. Simply by removing the need to open post, scan and date stamp a letter the time savings can really add up.”


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