About Docman

Revolutionising the transfer of care between and within healthcare organisations.

We provide one click, easy to use electronic document management software to support busy NHS organisations.

Docman is the leading supplier of advanced electronic document management, workflow and transfer software for Primary, Secondary and Social Healthcare organisations.

Our technology is responsible for maintaining detailed records and documents for over 40,000,000 patients and managing over 3,000,000 items of patient correspondence weekly.

We pride ourselves on our one click philosophy and intuitive software to ensure healthcare professionals spend their time with patients and not documents and letters.

Every day thousands of letters are sent to GP Practices electronically from secondary care providers using Docman Hub. Practices use Docman to process these letters around their organisation and manage them efficiently.

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What we do

We provide one click, easy to use electronic document management software to support the transfer of care for busy NHS organisations.

Built on a one click philosophy, our software is designed to be completely user-friendly so you can focus your time on patient care.

Our software removes the paper process for healthcare organisations sharing information between providers and for organisations to internally process letters and have access to this information.

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Our Customerstest

Over 120 NHS Trusts utilise Docman Hub to send millions of letters to primary care electronically.

Over 6,000 GP Practices utilise Docman GP, a centrally funded solution to enable you to capture, organise, workflow, track and transfer healthcare documents.

5 NHS Trusts utilise Docman to workflow, track and manage their clinical and non-clinical documentation efficiently.

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