What we do

Our passion is providing easy to use electronic document management and transfer of care software for healthcare providers.

We provide one click, easy to use electronic document management software to support busy NHS organisations.

Revolutionising the transfer of care between and within healthcare organisations

Over 120 Secondary Care Providers use Docman Hub to send millions of letters to primary care electronically.

Over 6,000 GP Practices utilise Docman GP, a centrally funded solution to enable you to capture, organise, workflow, track and transfer healthcare documents.

There are now 5 NHS Trusts using Docman to workflow, track and manage their clinical and non-clinical documentation efficiently.


Start your paperless journey
  • Docman 10 is a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within an organisation.

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  • Bringing order to the referral process, helping organisations meet targets and track every referral.

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  • Docman Hub is a structured messaging platform used by 120 secondary care providers to send clinical documentation.

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  • Docman Vault, a secure cloud document store for greater interoperability and sharing of documents.

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