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Deliver clinical correspondence to thousands of GP practices

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Delivering clinical correspondence into a GP Practices workflow system of choice nationally, out of area or across your STP

The Docman Connect service is available to all healthcare providers and is the only service that delivers clinical correspondence to GPs into the system they want to receive it into.

Docman Connect is a revolutionary enhancement to the existing Docman Hub Network, supporting STPs and providers achieve their transfer of care requirements.

As a cloud based service Docman Connect provides health services of all sizes a cost effective solution for transferring documents and data to GPs.

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  • Enables any healthcare provider to send clinical correspondence nationally

  • Delivering correspondence in the format GP Practices want to receive it

  • Significant time and cost savings

  • No local infrastructure

    As a cloud based service Docman Connect enables all health service providers a cost effective solution without the need for dedicated hardware on site

  • Software upgrades managed for you

    Docman will carry out regular software upgrades

  • Enhanced rejections and full auditability

    Docman will pro-actively monitor all collection points and deal with system rejections

  • Future proof inline with NHS standards

    The secure service will ensure organisations are ready and future proofed against any new emerging standards

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