Docman Hub delivers for Lancashire North CCG and University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay

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Practices in Lancashire North CCG and University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust choose Docman Hub to send patient letters electronically.

David Slater, UHMBT Project Manager and Lancashire North CCG Programme Manager “Docman is being used by the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and Lancashire North CCG as a fast and efficient process for sending electronic documents to GP practices thereby improving patient care.” Gill Longhurst, Systems Analyst/Developer, UHMBT “We are currently live sending Discharge Summaries and A&E letters electronically to GP Practices and now aim to send even more correspondence this way with a further 6 sources identified. We went live very quickly with the solution thanks to the joined-up approach of stakeholders across Lancashire North CCG and the support from Docman.”

E41YRN Doctor talking to patient and mother

In February the Trust was sending over 3,300 letters electronically to GP Practices.

David continues “We have a really close and strong working relationship between the Trust, Practices and the CCG to really support and drive projects. The relationship helped to ensure we quickly went live with the project and started to see the benefits. It is vital for any project to have the buy-in from all stakeholders and to have GP engagement before any project starts. We did a pilot with a GP practice and after immediately seeing the benefits we quickly rolled-out the solution to the other practices. We have regular IT meetings with the Trust, Practices and CCG so that we can review current IT projects and discuss future projects. A close relationship with our stakeholders really works for us. It makes the delivery of projects much easier so we can deliver the benefits quickly.”


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