Brother Scanners

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We provide one click, easy to use electronic document management software to support busy NHS organisations.

Docman’s most recommended Brother Scanners:

Brother ADS-2100eADS_2100e_Left_output

Ultrasonic multi feed detection means you can drop in a variety of documents from patient notes, prescriptions, office records and more. Speeds of up to 24 pages per minute (ppm), 2-sided scanning and direct USB connection.

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“Brother’s ADS-2100e desktop scanner is an invaluable tool in our busy practice. Every piece of documentation that has the patient’s name on it is scanned and saved to the patient’s electronic notes. It means that all our staff have immediate access to that documentation. It’s improved our workflow and therefore our patient care.”

Tracy Keogh, Practice Manager, Farley Road Medical Practice

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Desktop Wired Network Scanners

Brother ADS-2400N

ADS-2400N-open-front-CO-(2)This affordable and wired network scanner boasts great scan speeds up to 30ppm, easily programmable keys and compatibility across a range of document types.

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Brother ADS-3000N

ADS-3000N open 34L input COSimilar to the ADS-2400N but with faster scan speeds up to 50ppm and USB 3.0 for fast data transfer.

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Desktop Wired & Wireless Network Scanners

Brother ADS-2600We

ADS_2600We_right_outputWith built-in wired or wireless network connectivity and scanning speeds up to 24ppm, this is ideal for sharing with up to 5 users saving money on multiple devices. The intuitive 9.3cm colour LCD touchscreen enables you to scan and save data quickly and easily, perfect for busy practices.

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Brother ADS-2800W

ADS-2800W-open-front-input-COSimilar to the ADS-2600We but with faster scan speeds up to 30ppm, advanced user interface and a higher daily scan rate.

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Brother ADS-3600W

ADS-3600W-open-front-input-COSimilar to the ADS-2800W but with faster scan speeds up to 50ppm, USB 3.0 for fast data transfer and NFC for added security and connectivity.

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Professional Scanners

Brother PDS-5000

PDS-5000-34L-Open-CO-inputWith USB 3.0 connectivity, an impressive scan rate of up to 60ppm and advanced image processing features. You can power through your scanning tasks quicker than ever before with the PDS-5000.

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Brother PDS-6000

PDS-6000-34R-FullyOpen-CO-inputSimilar to the PDS-5000 but with faster scan speeds up to 80ppm.

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