Balham Park Surgery

Our passion is electronic document management.

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One of our loyal customers Balham Park Surgery has featured on Channel 5’s ‘GPs: Behind Closed Doors’.

As one of the largest practices in Wandsworth with 19 GPs, the practice use Docman to manage the documents of over 18,000 patients.

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Handling over 3,500 documents electronically each month, Docman allows the practice to gain from huge efficiency savings. This all helps towards their personal aim of providing high quality clinical services to their patients.

“We couldn’t live without Docman. We had it implemented over 8 years ago and it is an essential IT system which is part of our daily working lives. We have always had a paperless attitude in the practice and Docman helps us achieve that. We know exactly where everything is from the moment it is added into Docman and have access to a complete audit trail of all activity. The Intellisense module in Docman saves valuable time when filing documents so we can deploy resources elsewhere and focus on what matters most, delivering effective patient care.”

Annie Romero-Collins, IT Team Lead

After installing Docman over 8 years ago, the software has helped the practice to manage all clinical correspondence in a much more efficient way by no longer dealing with paper. Letters are also received electronically into the practice through Docman Hub.

The nearby St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust use Docman Hub to transfer hospital letters much faster and at a lower cost to surrounding GP practices electronically. This helps the practice by being able to manage patient cases much faster, as letters are received in near real time. This faster delivery enhances the patient service by keeping GP’s and the practice completely informed.

With an all-important paper free mind set, the practice now wants to explore other areas of using Docman by implementing new modules to improve their document management processes even further.