Coastal Medical Group supports 32,500 patients with Docman

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Coastal Medical Group in Morecambe has utilised Docman to electronically manage, workflow and collaborate on over 750,000 patient documents electronically.

The practice based over three sites serves a patient list of 32,500 and receives around 430 patient letters each day
from Secondary Care providers.

Discharge Summaries and A&E Reports are received electronically into Docman sent from University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust through the Trust’s Docman Hub.GP

Docman Hub enables Secondary Care providers to send clinical correspondence electronically. Delivering letters directly into the practice provides huge benefits such as no scanning, auto-patient matching, the timely delivery of patient information and significant ROI.

Debbie Bland, Scanning/Coding Clerk “We receive letters electronically from the local hospitals and through the post, the electronic letters are sent from Docman Hub to us and are delivered directly into Batch Manger in Docman for filing and onward workflow.”

“One of our team mentioned one day it took them 2 hours to open and date stamp letters received in the post. The letters we received electronically arrive every 2 hours, whereas letters through the post are typically received a day later, but we have seen letters arrive a week later through the post.”

“…one day it took them 2 hours to open and date stamp letters received in the post.”

Intuitive workflow

The practice then utilises electronic workflow to send the letters around their sites to the relevant department, group or GP. Dr Andy Foster “the quick steps in iWorkflow are the best thing about the system, it enables us to process workflows much quicker than before. The system acts as our electronic in-tray for us to process workflows across any of our sites rather than having to go somewhere to collect the paper letter. The system works really well for us in sending electronic letters around our practice and quickly processing them.”

iWorkflow is the very latest in next-generation electronic document workflow.  It incorporates intelligent routing based on assigned actions which streamline the creation and processing of workflows. iWorkflow provides practices with huge measurable efficiencies and frees-up valuable time for healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

Intelligent Summarising

Debbie continues “Summarising using Intellisense is a key part of the system for our practice. We highlight the letter and Intellisense detects the code, making a real difference for us to have the complete quality of data and confidence in our Summarising process. By using Docman for our processes and summarising we have a complete audit trail of all actions taken.“

Intellisense is an advanced Clinical Content Recognition system that automatically detects patient and filing details, significantly improving summarising and the speed and data quality of filing into the patient’s clinical record.

Complete Practice Management

Janet Taylor, IM&T/H&S/QOF Manager “the system works really well for us. There is no need to move paper around and because we are over three sites it is really important that we are electronic in what we do.”

“For such a large practice like ours with 100 Desktop PCs and 23 GPs it is vital we have back office processes that underpin our practice and support us delivering the best service for our patients.”

Docman GP is utilised by 6,000 GP Practices to provide a complete electronic document management, workflow and collaboration solution.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Docman “When a practice starts using Docman they quickly see the benefits in time savings and data quality with the system underpinning the practice’s data and security of information. Utilising our Docman Hub solution at an NHS Trust drives even greater benefits for practices to remove the time wasted opening and scanning post but also delivering information to the point of care faster. It is great to see the impact Docman has made in supporting Coastal Medical Group over the past 10 years in delivering for their patients.”