Dordon and Polesworth Group Practice

“We process approximately 150-200 letters per day, so having Docman saves us so much time when compared to our old paper process.”

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Dordon and Polesworth Group Practice serves 12,500 patients in Tamworth. With a view to removing paper in their organisation, Docman was installed in 2009.

GPThe practice use Docman as a complete electronic document management, messaging and workflow solution, to replace their old paper processes. Lucy Bowman, Senior Administration Clerk explains “our old process was to manually pass paper documents around the practice – we had paper everywhere! The letters would be passed to each individual GP to be manually highlighted, and then would be passed to the Read Coder to be put on the system.”

“We process approximately 150-200 letters per day, so having Docman saves us so much time when compared to our old paper process.”

Clinical Content Recognition

The Practice process all of their documents using Intellisense, Docman’s Clinical Content Recognition system which automatically detects patient and filing details, significantly improving speed and data quality of filing and summarising.

“Every letter that comes in to the practice is processed using Intellisense; we love it. Intellisense makes it so much easier for the Doctors to highlight and workflow patient letters. We wouldn’t want to be without it now.”

Complete back office management

Utilising Docman’s free BackOffice Apps, the practice are able to prepare their CQC evidence and reduce the risk of losing important documentation by digitising their processes.

“We use the Fridge Temperature Log, the Room Temperature Log and the Asset Register. We find the Fridge Temperature Log especially helpful because we are a dispensing practice, so not only do we have to keep a log of the nurses fridges, we also have the dispensing fridges. We used to keep a manual log of these written on paper but now it is so easy to just fill in the App.”

“When it comes to CQC evidence, using the Apps just takes seconds; all we have to do is log on and all of our evidence is right there for whenever we need to refer to it.”

“BackOffice Apps allow practices to not only report on the data stored within, but also the ability to link documents such as warranties and service agreements, a function Lucy describes as “marvellous!”.

Intuitive Workflow

The practice utilises iWorkflow, the intuitive workflow solution which simplifies processes and speeds up the flow of documents around the practice, using Quick Steps to reduce interactions into one or two mouse clicks. Lucy comments “the Quick Steps in iWorkflow save time in our practice by making it easier for the Doctors to highlight the relevant information and pass it back to our Read Coders to be processed.”

Electronic Document Transfer

The practice uses EDT Connect, the electronic document transfer module for receiving patient letters directly from nearby hospitals.

“We receive a lot of our letters through EDT. The documents come through so much quicker and the more we can receive through EDT, the better.”

“We currently receive letters such as Discharge Summaries from George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and we have also recently connected to Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.”

“EDT saves so much time as we don’t have to wait for the letter to come through the post.”

New Docman Version 71280

The practice has been updated to the latest version of Docman 71280 which features improved customisation options, faster summarising and a completely configurable main menu. Lucy comments “The tiles just make it so much easier to use; you simply click on a tile and all of the information you need is there straight away. It’s so user friendly and easy to use that we’ve forgotten what it was even like before!”

The Impact of Docman

“Overall, Docman has a huge impact on our practice, both in terms of time and safety. With so much paper work to deal with, we could never guarantee that once a letter had been passed around the practice that we would actually get it back. With Docman we know where it is and we have better data quality because we can easily read any notes on the document.”