Imperial College Health Centre achieves paper light accreditation

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Imperial College Health Centre, Central London first joined Docman in 2004 using a previous workflow legacy system before moving to Docman, EDT and Intellisense in 2008.

GPGrant Burford, IT Manager highlights “EDT specifically played a big role in becoming paper-light, meaning our practice removed the need to scan documents into Docman and we could quickly workflow them in the normal way. For the hard-copy letters that do arrive into the practice, we scan them at the point of receiving them and use Intellisense to automatically detect the information required to file the document, so it is a much faster process.”

Imperial College Health Centre was one of the first to be accredited as paper-light from their PCT.

 “EDT is fantastic as it avoids printing, duplication and removes processing time for our admin staff, as well as having access to information faster. We have 12,500 registered patients so we receive quite a few letters each day, so the time savings really make a huge difference.”

“Once the letter is into Docman, anyone in the practice can then quickly view and update on the document avoiding the issues when letters may be in a GPs pigeon hole and a patient visits a different GP in the practice. In our practice we workflow the documents around to the relevant person to action, this might be to the GP who highlights and comments on the document and then sends in to the summariser. It is here where we use Intellisense to auto-detect read codes so that the user can then save them directly to the patient record.”

“By using Docman, EDT and Intellisense we save time in all our processes. We are now looking to implement the latest module BackOffice Library, which looks great. We have thousands of documents on our shared folder, so we plan to cleanse these documents and put them into the new Library module. The new search feature is a very nice thing to have and it looks really useful to store information and quickly retrieve the document without need to knowing where it actually is saved. Once in place we hope that when a receptionist is asked for a vaccination, they can quickly search for the document and update on the price. This will avoid our practice having lots of sticky notes everywhere that cannot be easily maintained and it will save time.”

“I have been through the training guides provided from PCTI and they are very good, methodical and provide a detailed end-to-end approach that will benefit many. Practices should make the most out of the resources PCTI provide, being their website, training videos and guides. The guides without doubt help with understanding how to use something and also will improve processes going forward. They have and will continue to help us make the most out of Docman.”