In February 2012 Docman transformed Manor Way Surgery

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“We love Docman: Any practice looking to use Docman with EMIS LV or Web, I would say it’s a must.”

GPThe surgery use Docman with their clinical system EMIS Web.

The practice are eager to install Docman Collaborator, “we really want Collaborator after seeing it at the National Docman User Conference, it looks fantastic and we’re also looking forward to upgrading to Intellisense.”

“Docman has saved our practice so much time, we are no longer wasting time searching for information and our processes are now streamlined.”

Janette Rich, Practice Manager, Manor Way Surgery

Before Docman the practice would open the incoming post, date stamp letters and put them in the correct pigeon holes and paper was passed around the practice. “This caused time delays, letters could easily get lost and there was no way to know where they were or if they had been dealt with properly. Now we have a process where letters are scanned into Docman straight away, they are quickly workflowed to the GP who the letter is for, if it is not for them then the GP can quickly forward to another GP using the one click workflow quick steps.”


“When the document arrives to the GP they can quickly note actions onscreen before sending it on to the coder. The document then goes to the reception for a final check of what needs to be done or to double check the read codes. If there is a query, they quickly workflow to the GP to check and ensure we are 100% accurate and our data is right. This process requires minimal actions from staff, meaning within a few mouse clicks we can process workflows easily, creating maximum time savings.”


“We also use the BackOffice module of Docman, both the Library and the Apps.  The Library module is great; we have added all our documents and frequently are adding more. We have all our protocols in BackOffice so we can quickly have access to the information we need. We have clinical protocols, forms for travel, the information we receive weekly from the CCG and all the information our receptionists need at their fingertips. This has removed the time we use to waste looking for information or communicating to find what we needed. If a patient calls us we can quickly access all the information we need to respond quickly and efficiently, something that a year ago could take a long time. We previously had letters on a shared folder, but using Library is a much easier way to find information. The Tags are very good and makes it easier to quickly find information.”

“We also use the BackOffice Apps, the baby register to record births and the death register. They are really useful to electronically record data and information.  We are shortly going to use the fridge and room temperature log. The Apps have been a great free upgrade which has saved us time without the need to type up information we can easily attach documents. This provides our practice with easy access to information when we need it.”

“I would advise practices to go to the Next Docman User Conference; we had a great day and came away with a lot of useful information. We will definitely be attending next year. Roy Lilley and Sean Foster were great, the location was perfect and it was a really enjoyable day.”

“The practice next door to us and in the surrounding area use Docman, it has really made a difference to our practice and I don’t know how we could operate without it.”

“Overall there have been significant time efficiency benefits and even improvements to staff happiness.”