Mdsas choose Docman Connect to streamline their electronic referrals

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Mdsas, an Independent Provider, has chosen Docman Connect to deliver correspondence securely and digitally.

Mdsas provide IT systems and consultancy for the NHS; building bespoke national and local databases and referral systems across a range of disciplines including immunology, haemophilia and spinal cord injury.

The Challenge

Mdsas were struggling to maintain a list of local GP contacts as they continuously change. They felt that Docman Connect was the perfect solution for the delivery of streamlined, secure electronic referrals due to “its simplicity and Docman’s 100% coverage in Greater Manchester” said Enis Muminovic, Development Manager, Mdsas.

Our Solution

Docman Connect is a cross-organisational platform to manage clinical correspondence. When a document is sent through Docman Connect, it is wrapped in meta data which contains the practice details. This data is pulled from a data list that is centrally managed by Docman, to ensure that it’s always up-to-date. Therefore, eradicating the need for Mdsas to maintain a list themselves.

What’s next for Mdsas?

Mdsas are working with Stockport CCG on this project. They are piloting with 9 practices but are set to roll out their work to 47 practices across Stockport in the near future. In a typical month, there are approximately 500 referrals to a dermatology consultant. Once fully rolled out, it is anticipated that there will be around 2,000 referrals each month. Therefore, it was incredibly important for them to choose a solution that could mirror their growth and upscale alongside them: “Docman Connect is the perfect solution to allow scalability and ease of implementation” stated Enis Muminovic, Development Manager, Mdsas.

We’re really excited to watch Mdsas grow, and to see the efficiency savings that Docman Connect will provide them with along the way.

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