New Court Surgery, Weston-Super-Mare

"...we would be lost without it."

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New Court Surgery, Weston-super-Mare have benefited from a complete document management system since installing Docman and Intellisense.

The Surgery receives between 50-200 documents per day, these are scanned into Docman and electronically workflowed around the practice.

GPSally Reading, IT Manager, New Court Surgery “before implementing Docman, the practice could take over an hour to scan and distribute all their letters; however by using Docman and Intellisense this process now takes less than half that time. It has virtually cut out the need for GPs to see a ‘hardcopy’ of documents as they are entered into a ‘workflow’, for review and action.”

Using Docman and Intellisense, the surgery now manages paper and electronic documents in a safe robust environment with controlled access from their EMIS LV clinical system. Using the Intellisense module they have improved their speed and accuracy when filing letters into the patient’s clinical record. Intellisense also captures diagnosis and procedure read codes from within these documents.

“By using Docman with the add-on module Intellisense we can now instantly file a document, and we have become so used to the speed Intellisense files a document that we would be lost without it.”

Viewing existing documents in Docman

Sally continues “one of the clever things we found about Docman was the ability to view our previously scanned documents (8 years worth) via Docman creating a complete electronic document history for the practice. These are viewed through the existing documents folder in each patient record. ”

“Docman allows for letters to be scanned to folders, enabling all Diabetes or Cardiology letters to be stored together. This reduces the retrieval time within a patients clinical record during a consultation. Our surgery staff can now quickly and easily find letters they are searching for.”

The benefits of Docman

“Docman and Intellisense have enhanced our scanning ability to the extent that we have recommended the software to neighbouring practices. We appreciate how user-friendly it is – in fact our newest recruit has been with us six months and she has found the system easy to use and has picked it up very quickly.”

“Overall our practice has saved time and money by using Docman and Intellisense. We can quickly file and retrieve documents, whilst also being able to efficiently workflow documents around the practice. Docman is an easy to use, friendly system.”

The practice has found the workflow module very beneficial “We can see a complete audit trail, who has done what, and see the actions that have taken place. The Doctors are now adding lots of comments and actions for their receptionist and the solution is a major part of our practice processes.”

“Docman has been extremely effective when GPs are out of the office. When a patient is sent to another doctor, they can quickly search the records and because Docman has a section to cut and paste notes of a letter, the different Doctor can quickly get up to speed through these notes without opening the consult. This is faster and improves our service to our patients.”