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Dr Iain Redmill tells us how his practice use Docman to save time and cut out paper.

With a large practice of nearly 25,000 patients, having an efficient document management system is vital to save as much time as possible in a very busy practice.

Named GP Scheme

Two years ago, the practice underwent the change to a named (or usual) GP in order to boost their continuity following a practice merger. The practice had noticed that whilst face to face continuity had remained acceptable, the non-face to face work had really slipped, as the admin team did not know who was best to route work to.  Allocating named GPs to all patients enabled the practice to make all the non-face-to-face work follow the patients to their Usual GP. This has allowed them to provide more joined up care for patients and higher job satisfaction for the GPs.


Docman was invaluable in this process, as it allows automatic routing of workflow to the allocated usual GP due to its integration with the clinical system.


Pre-defined routes in Docman’s intuitive workflow go hand-in-hand with the named GP scheme. By setting up workflow templates, patient letters can be sent electronically to the correct GP instantly, making document management much easier for the Filing Team.

iWorkflow is a heavily used module of Docman in this practice to send letters around the Administration Team and Clinicians electronically with various tools being used to help speed up tasks. This also allows for GPs to set their inbox to ‘Out of Office’, so for any patient letters which are workflowed on to unavailable GPs, Docman will warn the user ensuring the document is still dealt with in a timely way by sending this on to another available GP.

By using the intuitive workflow templates, Quick Steps are saving the GPs in this practice 2-3 clicks per document, saving minutes per GP each day. In addition to time savings, it also importantly ensures documents are being sent to the right Docman user every time through setting up pre-defined workflow routes.

The highlighter tools in iWorkflow are used to specifically colour code documents to make sure they are sent on to the correct team for further management, either to the Summarising Team to code them or to the Secretary to contact the patient, or book appointments. Having this set up makes managing each document that extra bit quicker, all adding up to saving hours at the end of the week. Free text comments are used as an additional feature to add comments to patient letters to make sure they are dealt with properly and so no patient case gets overlooked.


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