Rushall Medical Centre

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Debbie Bradley, Practice Manager at Rushall Medical Centre discusses the benefits of implementing Docman in her practice.


“Reception staff at Rushall like the Intellisense module as it saves them time having to find the correct read codes for letters. We use a centralised receptionist account so more than one staff member can access the letters at one time which helps with the balance of work. As the letters are scanned onto the system straight away they appear as soon as received into the patient’s medical records.”

“It is very rare we have staff members hunting for patient letters and I can’t recall being in this situation since having Docman especially as there is a full audit trail.”

The Benefits of Docman

“The benefits for us have been a saving in staff time with read coding and the reduction of lost patient letters. As CQC is looming we are now starting to utilise the library on Docman to store some of our clinical information and patient leaflets/questionnaires along with the death registers and fridge logs.”