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Marg Robinson, Data Quality & IT Manager, Sandy Lane Surgery reviews Docman Collaborator

GPFollowing the launch of Docman Collaborator at the National Docman Conference in 2012, Sandy Lane Surgery was eager to find out more about the solution.

Marg Robinson highlights “We had a fantastic day at the Institute of Directors and after hearing about Docman Collaborator and that it could audit discussions to the patient letters within Docman, we wanted to find out more.”

“We previously used emails, patient notes and meetings to collaborate in our practice. Rather than passing paper around or emails that can get lost, we are really keen on Collaborator to provide a fully audited system to save a lot of time that was wasted trying to manage these processes.”

“The practice will use Collaborator primarily for clinical benefits; a GP can open a discussion in Collaborator with another GP, say if a GP has a speciality in dermatology, then they can discuss and review the referral. The discussion is then saved back to the patient letter with an easy to view audit trail of who has commented and what the result was.”

“We will also use Collaborator for administration purposes, such as to discuss significant events with the GPs or to save having a meeting that we could easily discuss within Collaborator. I can add participants into a discussion see who has read and commented and know that nothing will get lost.”

Docman Collaborator offers a fully audited discussion platform, enabling everyone to manage, share and discuss matters relating to patients and the running of the surgery.

Practices taking up the solution have a training day to quickly get up to speed. Marg highlights “The training we had for Collaborator was great and we look forward to using and benefiting further from Collaborator.”

Sandy Lane Surgery is also a pilot site for EDT Hub, enabling them to receive patient letters from secondary care electronically into Docman. This provides benefits of no scanning, auto-patient matching, pre-populated filing fields and quicker document processing.