Shropshire Walk-in-Centre streamlines processes using BackOffice

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Shropshire Walk-in Health Centre in Shrewsbury has streamlined their business processes by implementing Docman BackOffice.

GPThe software has proven a real success with the practice to ensure all their patient and non-patient documents can be instantly accessed electronically using Docman. The practice uses Docman and the latest modules iWorkflow, Intellisense, EDT and Library with their clinical system EMIS Web.

The Docman BackOffice Library module is an intranet and content management solution that enables practices to efficiently store, workflow and retrieve all non-patient documents to support the practice. Utilising an intuitive interface, the solution provides a range of useful features for categorising and tagging information including web references, which can then quickly be retrieved using an advanced context sensitive searching tool working across tags, file names and document content.

 “The concept of Library is fantastic, it has made a significant impact to our practice and it has revolutionised how we manage our information. Everything our practice needs is now quickly available, enabling us to securely store business documents and access them within seconds.”

Norman Brown, the practice’s lead on Docman.

“BackOffice Library has improved our business processes and will ultimately save us a lot of time searching for information. This will improve our service to patients by having fast access to information and policies to inform the patient instantly. We no longer have to waste time searching for hard-copy business documents and Library enables us to quickly update on procedures and policies, price lists, referral forms, templates and operational documents instantly.”

The practice previously stored documents in the non-patient document store within Docman and has now imported these documents into BackOffice Library maintaining the same folder structure. Security levels are applied to categories ensuring users can only access the areas which they are authorised to do so. This enables each user to have a unique Library tailored to their role.

Norman continues “We have set-up groups to allow security access to certain categories such as administration, IT, clinical, summarising, general office document and management groups. We can also set-up groups for each Docman user to have certain access to areas. For example our receptionists have access to many templates so when a patient arrives requesting a sick note, the receptionist has instant access to the template to complete and send them on their way, whereas this section could not appear for some users. Everything is within library and if it’s not there, it’s not worth knowing.”

“I find that I am mostly using the search tool to find documents as it is much faster to locate the exact document I am looking for e.g. I can type ‘two week referral’ and instantly the template will be there. Each users Library can be unique depending on the security access for certain folders, if a folder is not available to them then they will not see the category. Everything you need can be in Library with instant access, so you no longer have to think what room, draw or file the paper document might be in.”

“The practice currently has 429 documents stored within Library. Being a walk-in-centre we have over 15,000 patients walk through the door that we do not know what they are coming in for, by using Library we have instant access to information to quickly deal with enquires correctly. This removes doubt and ensures we can quickly deal with a variety of enquires.”

Norman continues, “We are in the process of putting together policies and procedures for everything that happens in our practice which will be available from Library and will be effective for CQC. We are also converting our referrals to word documents so that they can be accessed using Library, the clinician can enter the consultation and actions to send to the hospital.”

“We attended the National Docman User Group in May, it was a very good day and we will definitely attend next year. As a practice who generally keeps on track with utilising the new functionalities, the iWorkflow demonstration from Dave Mills from Dr Anscombe and Partners was very interesting. Dave explained how his practice has set-up quick steps using iWorkflow to combine actions which determine the route. After the user group we returned to the practice and have since set-up our own quick-steps and they are working really well for us.”

“It has been fantastic being a pilot site and the new module is brilliant, I cannot speak highly enough about the impact it has made to our practice. We found the training documentation is perfect to get up-to-speed with the new module immediately and we are planning a full training day shortly to ensure we maximise the solution.”

The Library module is the first within the BackOffice suite with others currently in development and many more planned. The developing range of BackOffice tools will be instrumental in transforming the way practices manage their day to day business in a more demanding environment.