St Georges Surgery use Docman with EMIS Web

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St Georges Surgery in Blackburn is a busy practice with 8,500 patients.

GPThe practice used Docman with EMIS LV from March 2009 and has been using Docman with EMIS Web since May 2010, being one of the first-of-type practices.

June Barrett, Deputy Practice Manager “Using Docman with EMIS Web is exactly the same as when we used it with EMIS LV. Processing documents with Docman is slightly faster with EMIS Web, but we have been extremely happy using Docman with both systems.”

“Our Doctors love the workflow in Docman; it is great that they can get their documents into their workflow inbox to easily highlight, comment and send on to practice staff to action.”

The practice use the add-on module Intellisense for their filing and summarising, “Intellisense picks up the filing details such as date of birth, name, hospital etc. so the Admin team do not need to manually input this information. We also use Intellisense for read coding, as it detects information in the document and suggests read codes to the user, which is really easy to use.”

“Personally I like Docman because I can have instant access to documents and I can see straight away the information that I am looking for.”

“Overall Docman has saved our practice a lot of time and it has made processes a lot simpler to the point we wouldn’t know how to do certain things without it or that we couldn’t imagine reading a document and typing in the text.”

“By using Docman, all our documents are stored securely and can be accessed anywhere in the practice. Docman is very easy to use and works the same with EMIS Web as it did with EMIS LV.”