Staines Health Group

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Staines Health Group use BackOffice Library to securely store, retrieve and workflow all non-clinical documents in the practice.

GPHeather Lovatt, Practice Manager “We’re a large practice with 11,500 patients and 6 Doctors. In total we have around 22 members of staff and everyone uses Docman. We’re big users of the Library, it’s brilliant!”

“Previously we used a Practice Intranet but it was difficult to classify information and it was much harder to search for documents. Using Library, the combination of different tags and the search functionality makes it really easy to find what you are looking for. We store all of our documents such as protocols, CQC evidence, drug alerts, pathways etc.”

“We store all of our CQC evidence in the Library with tags for each CQC outcome so that the appropriate evidence is easy to recall when we need it.”

“From an organisational point of view, Library makes it really easy to workflow information to other members of the practice. Clinicians can get the information that they need within two clicks, which is much easier than our previous system where it was harder to find things.”

“With Library, all of the documents I need are stored in one place so that I can easily find them when I need them and I use the review dates to make sure that all of the documents can be easily kept up-to-date.”

“We encourage all of the teams to use the Library; even my reception team have their own tags with their routines so that they can always refer to them. Keeping PGD’s (Patient Group Directions) is also much more efficient. Previously there would need to be a file in every Nurses office, but with Library I can just workflow the PGD’s to each of the nurses which is very helpful.”