Stanley Medical Centre

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Stanley Medical Centre discuss the benefits of using Docman in their practice.

Val McCormack, Administrator, “having Docman in the practice has meant that the process of filing letters is fully automated, saving us a lot of time and cutting down our workload.”

“There is now no need to manually file all of our letters; the process has been streamlined and ensures data quality. Documents enter into an electronic workflow and are highlighted by the doctor through the workflow process. This is saving up to 20 minutes per day as opposed to how we used to do this with our old paper process before we had Docman.”

“Overall Docman has made a significant impact in our practice.”

Carol Morgan, Administrator, “the process of filing the letters in the morning used to be a manual process taking a long time to manage. Now, with Docman we are able to automatically file all letters directly into the clinical system. On an average day this can save us up to 30 minutes.”