Movers Lane & Cavendish Gardens Surgeries

"Now our Doctors can see documents instantly, filter by date and speciality easily, and have fast access to the information they need."

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Movers Lane & Cavendish Gardens Surgeries in Barking, Essex installed Docman in July 2010.

The practice and its branch surgery have utilised Docman to save their practice time and money.

“Now our Doctors can see documents instantly, filter by date and speciality easily, and have fast access to the information they need.”

Saving money

GPSandeep Sharma, Practice Manager, Movers Lane & Cavendish Gardens Surgeries “We wanted Docman for a numbers of years and knew the importance of becoming a paper-light practice. Since installing the document management solution, the benefits are unprecedented and we are now a much more efficient practice.”

The practice and its branch surgery use Docman to manage their documents in a secure environment seamlessly with their clinical system, “all our letters are sent to one location where they are scanned ensuring that both of our surgeries have access to the information instantly from our clinical system.”

“Docman has freed-up a lot of time so we can focus more time on other roles around the practice. By simply reducing and removing the time it takes for certain processes there are significant measurable efficiencies.”

Becoming paper-light

“Before using Docman it was very time consuming to work with paper based documents. For every consultation we would have to find the patient notes and then put them back afterwards and in some cases we weren’t even sure if we had received the documents through the post. By using Docman we can ensure information is stored and accessed safely complete with an audit log whilst receiving all the benefits of becoming paper light”.

“Docman has also saved a huge amount of time for our GPs, in some cases it has released up to a third of their time. Docman has made a fantastic impact to all our professionals in the surgery by automating certain processes so that the software works for us and ensures accuracy at all stages.”

“All my staff can have instant access to an up to date record, knowing when documents arrive in the practice they are quickly processed. We are now happy in the knowledge we can manage the workload using an efficient and fast system.”

Using Docman

“Docman allows us to scan documents correctly to the right place and quickly workflow them to a GP for review. All staff in the practice can then review a document instantly and get an update on its status. We have a target that every document that we receive is scanned into Docman within 24 hours, so then we know that our records are as up to date as possible. We use the non-patient part of Docman as an address book and information store so our Doctors can find what they need instantly, without having further paper based documents around the practice.”

The brilliance of Intellisense

Intellisense uses advanced optical character recognition software to automate many processes, “We find Intellisense is a brilliant addition to help us with our filing and summarising. Before using the module read coding could build up, but by using the software this has helped us a lot.”

“Docman is clinically beneficial to us as we can read all the letters and action them immediately. If we have a busy day and a Doctor does not have time to look at every workflow, we can highlight very important documents and put them to the top of a Doctors inbox so they can review and action them as priority.”

Installing Docman

“The Docman training was brilliant and we have found the system very easy to use for all IT levels. Our staff have often commented on why we didn’t install Docman sooner and more to the point what we did without it!”

Benefits to Patients and GP’s

“When a patient arrived into our surgery we use to run around the office to find a document which could be seen as unprofessional and time consuming. When a patient arrived we can now confidently and accurately know the status of a record and offer a better service to our patients. Not only has this improved our security but ensures we offer a fast service at every point of the practice.”

“Docman also benefited our Doctors as before they sometimes had to wait for the patient documents to arrive to view them in a consultation. Now our Doctors can see documents instantly, filter by date, specialty easily and have fast access to the information they need.”

The next step to utilising Docman

“We plan to start using more of the non-clinical document management functionality within Docman and further remove paper in our practice. This will benefit our practice even more, as we will be able to have instant access to even more information such as meeting minutes, policies, training guides, price lists and flyers.”

“We would highly recommend Docman to other practices; it has completely transformed our practice to save us time and money. Our processes are now efficient so we can concentrate on services and delivering the highest standard of patient care.”