Training in Worcestershire

Receiving training for Docman in practices is highly important to make sure you are getting the most out of the software.

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67 of NHS Worcestershire practices have successfully been using Docman and Intellisense for two years.

Practices were invited to attend one of three training days delivered by PCTI trainers across the region, designed to provide valuable hints and tips for even the most experienced users.

Jeanette Wilson, IM&T Facilitator said “the presenter covered all the areas within the software very thoroughly and demonstrated all aspects of the system. For existing users there was information on how to use it effectively for them, without going over the basics. Overall we think we were able to reach a lot of staff effectively.”

The attendees commented, “We achieved a better understanding of what Docman can do and the importance of using Intellisense” another user highlighted, “I found it very useful and we went back to the practice to review our protocols.”

The aim of the training was to help practices use Docman to its full potential and improve processes, One attendee highlighted “I’ll now be able to make the software work more effectively for our practice.”

Sean Foster, Sales Manager for PCTI highlights, “it was great for PCTI to meet so many practices in Worcestershire. We really enjoyed interacting with different Docman & Intellisense practices, culminating in a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Being able to demonstrate and discuss aspects of Docman, participants gained hints, tips and techniques which will lead to practices improving their processes and in turn saving the practice valuable time and money.”

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