Woodchurch Surgery improve quality of patient care with Docman

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Woodchurch Surgery, Kent utilise Docman for processing all of their clinical correspondence. Processing approximately 100 patient letters per day, the Surgery uses Docman with their clinical system EMIS Web.

GPThe Surgery receives electronic clinical correspondence from local hospitals, using Docman’s EDT Connect which enables practices to receive electronic documents automatically into Docman. Letters arrive with attached meta-data and pre-populated filing fields, completely reducing the need to manually file documents. Tina adds “Letters are received directly into Docman, avoiding delays and the inconvenience that can be caused to patients.”

“We save time with Docman as we no longer spend time searching for missing letters and we benefit from a complete audit trail of information, something which we previously did not have.”

Tina Callow, Administrator

“With Docman we always have up-to-date data which not only benefits the staff at the surgery, it also benefits our patients.”

“Having a system which allows us to have access to the information that we need when we need it is priceless and has improved the quality of care to our patients.”