Woodlands Medical Practice

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Woodlands Medical Practice process over 800 documents per month using Docman. Having had Docman since 2008, the practice now benefit from three EDT Hubs in their area.

The practice serves approximately 4,500 patients and consists of 2 Partners, 1 salaried GP and 1 GP Registrar. Approximately 300 letters per week are processed using Docman, and a further 50 letters are sent through EDT Connect.GP

EDT Connect allows the practice to receive documents electronically through the EDT Hub’s which are based at Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, Edgware Community Hospital and Barnet & Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust. Using this connection, the practice is able to receive A&E reports and Discharge Summaries directly from the hospitals.

“I don’t know how we managed before!”

Practices using EDT to connect to an EDT Hub benefit from attached meta-data. This enables them to receive electronic documents with auto-patient matching, pre-populated filing fields and significantly improved document processing time.

The practice recently moved to the EMIS Web clinical system and look forward to maximising their use of Docman further. Assistant Practice Manager, Lynn explained “We will be looking to further improve our processes and will be implementing iWorkflow and BackOffice”.

BackOffice Library and Apps enable practices to efficiently store, workflow and retrieve all non-patient practice documents and data. Documents such as protocols, bills, CCG documents, training guides etc, can all be stored within Library and organised using categories and tags for quick retrieval.

iWorkflow automates the process of workflows with one or two mouse clicks and can save GP’s an average of 15 minutes per day.

“The main driver to install Docman was to get rid of paper. All the letters we receive are shredded after scanning.”

“The receptionists love Docman!”

“From an administration point of view, we are scanning and filing letters straight away and this has really cut down on the receptionists’ workload.”

The practice use Intellisense to automatically detect and file patient data. “It’s a great time saver for my administration staff. Intellisense finds patients quickly and reduces the time we spend processing a document.2

“Feeding documents through Docman takes seconds. We’ve saved at least one minute per document thanks to Intellisense.”

“We love Intellisense because it codes the document for you; this could be great for QOF.”

“Thanks to Docman, we can access information quickly when a patient asks what is happening with their letter. The Doctor’s also benefit as they can quickly access patient notes during appointments.”

“I don’t know how we managed before!”